Creator of Kymatica, Esoteric Agenda, and Ungrip“Every minute of the reading Carmen walked me through was far more profound than other astrology consultations I’ve received. He engaged with each of my responses and it was clear that he speaks from direct experience when relating complex subject matter with everyday life. Out of the dozens of other astrologers I’ve spoken with, Carmen is by far the most humble and insightful.”

– Ben Stewart, Creator and Filmmaker of Kymatica, Esoteric Agenda, and Ungrip (Harrisburg, PA)

Kundalini Yoga Teacher

“Carmen is a soulful, detail-oriented astrologer with a talent for translating the language of astrology into a user-friendly consultation. He is extremely grounded, allowing for an interpretation of astrological readings in a way that readily integrates into day-to-day life.

– Sat Kaur Khalsa, Kundalini Yoga Teacher (Nelson, BC)

Professional MMA Athlete“Carmen’s professionalism, commitment to my needs, and knowledge of my sport has helped me physically, mentally, and spiritually by bringing my personal potential to new heights both in and outside of the ring. The ability to have him work with me in my personal development has been invaluable.  I found him not only to be a consummate expert, but truly himself. I would recommend him to anyone without hesitation.”

– Alex Ricci, UFC Fighter (Toronto, ON)

“I respect and appreciate Carmen’s knowledge so much! He is very thorough in his readings and he looks at the whole picture. I study astrology myself and I learn a lot from him and his style. Many of my queries are always satisfied and I always feel so relieved to understand what is going on in my life. I love that he is so devoted to principles and the bigger picture!”

– Ondyena Oshyn, Doctor of Medical Heilkunst and Homeopathy DHHP (California)

karen-croney-2“My Astrology reading with Carmen was at a pivotal time in my life. His preciseness was outstanding and his style was so supporting in his humble nurturing way for me. I was overwhelmed with energy and excitement in our session and he made me feel so comfortable in keeping it grounded for me. I highly recommend him, as a gifted channel myself I felt his history in past lives in this field and more importantly his Passion Intelligence Sincerity and goodness in his intention with Astrology. I would recommend him for your personal and business guidance on going.  I am very grateful to have been aligned with his Gift and Being.”

– Karen Croney, Master Cosmetologist (Los Angeles, CA)

monica“Carmen came to me with a great referral from a trusted source. The bottom line is- the planets and stars do affect our reality the same way the weather does. I have not put in the hours to research astrology, but Carmen has, so I turn to him to find out what’s going on in our galaxy and universe and how that’s affecting my life. Years of detailed research have laid a solid foundation of expertise, both in the realms of astrology, and higher level- progressive nutritional consulting. I highly recommend consulting with Carmen as an astrologer to strategically plan and time your business movements. Planning with the guidance of astrology will give you leverage. His knowledge will also help you get greater understanding of what’s going on in your life personally and with relationships. Regarding nutrition, he’s got creative ideas and obscure knowledge that will give you the extra edge in your health and performance. Carmen is an excellent consultant to work with through the phases and transitions of your life and business.”

– Monica Black, Wellness Consultant and Colon Hydrotheraptist (Toronto, ON)

derek“Carmen’s astrology is thorough and uniquely precise as he brings together the many aspects of astrology into a concise and tangible message, often framing his readings to the time of day and hour; allowing one to coordinate their activities to affect efficiency and ease. It can be a valuable tool to utilize the curiosities of the cosmos with our daily lives and business, to know when to slow down or act on our plans, and Carmen works with passion as a masterful guide in navigating this ancient art.”

– Derek Rhodes, Owner of WiseOne Superfoods (Vancouver, BC)

cindy“Carmen’s astrology guidepost mapping is spoken with the precision of a celestial scientist, the rigorous honesty of an ancient ruler, and the accuracy of a gifted surgeon. Carmen is the philosopher’s stone, the elixir of life committed to having you understand completely why you do what you do based on your particular sign.  Carmen told me 2 things about myself that made me understand my motivations and nature in such a way that it breathed permission into my being to finally embrace my uniqueness and love myself wholeheartedly. What a gift his reading was for me.

– Cindy Harris, Health Educator and Charity Organizer (Toronto, ON)

“Extending my utmost gratitude towards my astrology consultation with Carmen. At a time in my life of uncertainty and always searching for answers that  dictate my every thought process,  Carmen’s intuitive awareness of astrology was a vital key! I was astonished by his accuracy. Only analysing and guiding with a positive mindset. A true master. Allowing me to constitute my own resolution. Through his aide I found  trust within myself and my own instincts. Carmen’s an entity in himself. His patience is unforeseen. An astrologer by trade but with spiritual life coaching that sets him apart from any other. His beautiful composure as well as earthy sense of being allows for  an effortless  understanding of his readings…Enables the ability to transfer them to a level your state of consciousness is ready for.”

– Josephine Washer (Oakville, ON)

I strongly recommend Carmen for astrological guidance. He is a truly dedicated, wise and gifted astrologer.  My reading was thorough and (most importantly) accurate. I was amazed at how he could pinpoint events and happenings, but also walk me through the chart and explain what exactly is influencing the situation in question.  Carmen not only gives you the information, he has the ability to transform it into a strategy with you so realize your full potential and how it can be attainable. He truly is a beacon in his field.

– Victoria Vasko-Wakeling (Toronto, ON)

“Carmen’s insights consistently amaze me. If you would like some deeper understanding and perspective about yourself or your life’s trajectory, his readings are definitely worth the investment. Carmen is clear and generous, carefully building up a picture that is both useful and illuminating. His readings will certainly empower your view of the journey!”

– Anna Loza 


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