Mercury Retrograde In Sagittarius: Redefining Beliefs And Aspirations

This recent edition of Mercury retrograde started on Sunday, December 3rd and will last until Friday, December 22nd. It began near the Galactic Center in Sagittarius, which is where last year’s retrograde in December/January ended, although it travelled mostly in Capricorn at that time. This could suggest that for many people this period is about continuing, revisiting, or evolving an area of your life similar or related to what was happening then. Perhaps you are picking up where you left off and/or you are taking a new approach to something.

Astrologically, the Galactic Center has the potential to be a powerful source of inspiration and could trigger new awareness and levels of consciousness. It can be revolutionary or evolutionary, and contacts to this point can help to transmit ideas, intuitions, and perspectives that are beyond what we normally are able to perceive. It can also amplify the energies of the planet(s) travelling there and help to plant seeds associated with what the planet represents.

Mercury started its retrograde while in a conjunction with Saturn at the Galactic Center and also in aspect with Mars in Libra. This part of it was strongest up until December 6 but still has an influence throughout the retrograde. The alignment with the Galactic Center amplifies the energies of Mercury and Saturn.

As mentioned above, Mercury is associated with the mind, communication, writing, information, as well commerce and commuting. With Saturn, this can manifest as powerful focus and concentration around these Mercury related areas. It can also manifest as general Saturn themes related to structure, discipline, commitment, caution, responsibility, restraint, or needing to be realistic so that we can achieve tangible results.

Mars involved with this can help to push and give us some drive to apply ourselves toward something. This is also reflected in the fact that it will be going into Scorpio during this retrograde, where it expresses itself very strongly.

Sagittarius is the sign of beliefs, opinions, perspectives, exploration, travel, and higher education. It is also associated with marketing, sales, publishing, and media. It is idealistic, philosophical, and expansive. This energy can also be judgemental, blunt, argumentative, and have a ‘know-it-all’ complex. These are some of the ways in which the Mercury retrograde-related developments or challenges can manifest to ultimately help us move forward in a new way during the post retrograde period after December 22.

Considering that Saturn is a big part of this too, there could be a theme of needing to get real about certain beliefs, revisiting belief structures, or addressing limitations in our perspectives or otherwise. This could also be about applying the Saturn energies toward other Sagittarian themes as mentioned already.


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Full Moon In Gemini: Contemplating Thoughts, Beliefs, And Aspirations

Full Moon’s are generally a time in which we can experience challenges or collaborations between two opposing signs, in this case being the Moon in Gemini with the Sun in Sagittarius. We have been in Sagittarius season since November 21st a time in which we may feel more optimistic and expansive after coming out of the depths and complexity of the raw and real Scorpio season.

Sagittarius is the sign of beliefs, opinions, big picture perspectives, as well as travel, and higher education. It can be fearless, freedom loving, as well as overextending and overly idealistic. Gemini is an intellectual and clever sign associated with duality, communication, and considering views and information that is factual or in the immediate sphere. Both signs are also associated with learning and knowledge, however, Gemini comes from a place of curiosity while Sagittarius wants to satisfy its thirst for an all encompassing truth.

Jupiter and Neptune have joined together in a harmonious trine which can give this period a creative, spiritual, selfless, or even an idealistic tone. However, they are also both in a challenging aspect with this Full Moon which could also indicate not seeing things clearly around a situation or perspective. Jupiter also being in Scorpio wants us to grow and learn by going deep and exploring what is beneath the surface which can be at odds with broadminded Gemini energy.

Last but not least we have Mercury, the ruler of Gemini, starting it retrograde also in Sagittarius. Amidst any potential confusion of this Full Moon, this period is kickstarting a month long process which can help us to see things in a different way and potentially go over our aspirations, beliefs, or even worldly and educational interests.


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Neptune Is Now Stationary Direct

Neptune is now slowly beginning to move forward (stationary direct) after being retrograde since June. The outer planets such as Neptune are retrograde for 40% of the year and there effects are less prominent than the retrogrades of Mercury, Venus, and Mars. However the period when the ‘outer planets’ change motion is when we notices its effects the most. As it has now begun to change motion, the themes that are coming up now and in previous/upcoming weeks will be connected to Neptunian issues that started or was revisited in June.

We now have the potential to move forward with some sort of progress with this energy. For example, it may have to do with areas in our life that we have not seen clearly and could have been confused about. Or perhaps we can be proceeding with some sort spiritual practice/developments, creative efforts, or applying ourselves with more compassion and sense of oneness. Neptune also rules dreams, fantasies, imagination, psychic abilities, soul mates, as well as escapism, addictions, drugs/alcohol, illusions, delusions, and flakiness. These are all areas in which we may be experiencing a shift as well.

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New Moon In Scorpio: Deep Feelings And Making Adjustments

The New Moon in Scorpio occurs on Nov 18th, although we have already been experiencing the energies of this sign over the last month. Scorpio is deep, powerful, emotional, transformative, empowering, intense, sexual, investigative, suspicious, mysterious, hidden, as well as revealing. It is the sign of death & rebirth and can also be dark & fearful, which is something that this sign wants us to face.

Scorpio is also associated with investments, inheritance, taxes, debts, & pooled/shared resources. During this last month & over the coming one, some people may experience some sort of developments or changes in the above mentioned areas. With Jupiter also travelling in this sign, it may also help us to have positive experiences, or help us to overcome any of the challenging expressions, in relation to Scorpio themes.

This New Moon is in a quincunx with Uranus which could have even manifested in the days leading up to it. This could have brought, or will bring, some surprises, disruptions, changes, separations, complications with technology, or accidents. For many people, it could be related to the Scorpio themes mentioned. A similar Uranus energy has also been strong in the previous month, however, this current aspect can manifest in ways calling for us to make some adjustments due to new circumstances.

Scorpio’s rulers Mars & Pluto are in a tense square. This can help to give us powerful & perhaps obsessive drive & desires which in some cases can assist us to overcome & breakthrough challenges. However, many people will find that there efforts or desires are faced with power struggles & conflicts. This combined with all the other Scorpio energy can also bring up intense emotions & suppressed feelings. Although this can bring challenges & intensity, this can also stimulate strong sexual passion among lovers in some cases.


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Full Moon In Taurus: Finding Simplicity In The Midst Of Complexity

We will enter the Full Moon phase of the lunar cycle on November 4th at 5:23am Universal Time. For those in the Western hemisphere, it will appear fullest on the night of November 3rd. During Full Moons, we experience a push-pull between two opposite signs, with the Moon sign tending to exert greater force. In this case, the Moon is in Taurus and the Sun is in Scorpio.

We have been in Scorpio season since October 23rd, with Mercury and Jupiter also in place, both of which have amplified Scorpio’s energies, which are deep, transformative, intense, sexual, investigative, revealing, suspicious, mysterious, and sometimes fearful. Jupiter, the planet of expansion, learning, growth, faith, belief, and truth, is helping to highlight the positive aspects of Scorpio energies. This could be an easier time to overcome fears, our perspectives can be enriched by profound discoveries, or we can grow in our understanding and expression of sexual intimacy and bonding. These are just some examples, but there are lots of other ways these energies are playing out as well.

The Full Moon occurring in the opposite sign of Taurus brings its energies to the mix, and they can work harmoniously with or oppose one another. The Moon is “exalted” in here, expressing itself with emotional stability and personal fulfillment. In can bring themes of comfort, sensuality, beauty, material pleasures, practicality, and peacefulness. It is about personal values and resources, while Scorpio is about shared values and resources. Taurus, on the other hand, seeks simplicity over complexity.

This Full Moon is also in aspect with Neptune and Pluto while Venus is opposite Uranus, and Saturn finishing up aspects with Uranus and Chiron…


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New Moon In Libra: Changes In Relationships

We are concluding the Sun’s journey in Libra with a New Moon in that sign opposingUranus, triggering some of the same themes of previous months as mentioned in those newsletters. New Moon’s signify a ‘new wave’ of energy influencing the upcoming lunar month, and Uranus can be disruptive, rebellious, separating, surprising, freedom seeking, revolutionary, or game-changing to Libran themes of relating, diplomacy, relationships, partnerships, balance, and fairness.

This New Moon is aligned with Jupiter which has recently entered Scorpio (for 13 months) along with Mercury (for 3 weeks), which is where the Sun will also be in 3.5 days following this New Moon highlighting the Scorpio themes more strongly over this upcoming month. While Libra is associated with relating and relationships, Scorpio represents the deeper aspects of these things, such as deep bonding, sex, and shared values/resources, along with deep desires, fears, intensity, investments, taxes, debts, secrets, hidden matters, suspicions, and mysteries. Negative Scorpio traits include jealousy, possessiveness, power, and control. It is raw, primal, powerful, complex, and can even be profound and transformative.

Jupiter is expansive as it is about learning and growing. This can be a great time to apply this towards the Scorpionic themes mentioned above. It can be related to developing a deeper understanding of certain subjects and how things work, which can be done in a way that is penetrating and even obsessive. Venus has recently entered Libra and Mars will be joining as well on October 22nd, keeping its themes alive for a while combined with all the Scorpio vibes. While Mars likes to be direct and assertive, Libra can be indecisive and likes to take things into consideration before acting so that it can make both sides happy. Throughout this period, we may find that our actions require more deliberation, which can be more challenging for highly assertive people.


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Full Moon In Aries: Self-Interests Versus Considerations

There will be a Full Moon in Aries on October 5 at 6:40pm Universal Time. This marks the peak of the current lunar cycle, which started on September 20. During Full Moons, we experience a push-pull between two opposite signs, in this case the Moon in Aries and the Sun in Libra.

The Aries-Libra polarity has been somewhat of a theme since late last year, when Jupiter and Uranus began their opposition in those signs, which is currently concluding during the week of this Full Moon. We can look at this period as a sort of a finalization of this energy, which has been playing out throughout much of the year and especially in recent months.

Aries is about our self-interests, independence, pioneering, and leading. It can be impulsive and take bold action without much consideration. Libra, on the other hand, is about balance, fairness, relating, and overall relationship interests. Consideration of others interests, needs, and perspectives is what Libra does but it can also be indecisive and lack action.

This Full Moon is bringing these two sides to the forefront, and with Uranus and Jupiter’s opposition finishing up in the backdrop, the developments of this polarity playing out carry extra significance. Uranus’ influence in Aries brings themes of freedom, authenticity, innovation, revolution, and even rebellion to the table and also really emphasizes the independent side of Aries. While Jupiter can represent freedom as well, it is also wanting to expand and grow in relationships, partnerships, and bringing in balance. We may feel these sides at odds with each other, but we may also find a way to bring cooperation.

Interestingly, Mars and Venus, the rulers of Aries and Libra, are joining together in a conjunction in Virgo within a few hours of the peak of this Full Moon. This could signify and foster a ‘coming together’ of both sides, either related to our relationships or in other aspects of our lives. With Mercury also in Libra joining the Sun, communication and diplomacy is key as well as thinking in a way that is balanced, considerate, and with the details in mind.


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New Moon In Virgo: Getting Real And Embracing Change

There will be a New Moon in Virgo on September 20, 2017. This is the beginning of a new wave of energy influencing the upcoming month, yet the astrological configurations at this time will have a stronger influence over the following two weeks.

On September 18, less then a day before this New Moon, Mercury finished travelling in the part of the zodiac it occupied during its previous retrograde. These last few weeks (since Sept 5) are known as Mercury’s ‘post-shadow’ period, as there has been more of a forward momentum in response to what transpired during the retrograde and in the aftermath leading up to this New Moon on the 19th.

However, Mercury has also been progressing toward an opposition with Neptune until the 18th/19th, which synchronistically aligned with the end of the post shadow period and transition to a New Moon cycle. In some cases this could still have made the forward momentum of the ‘post shadow’ period a bit confusing or perhaps related it to escapism or deceiving behaviour. However, in some cases, Neptune here along with other planetary configurations could also indicate spiritual healing or awareness that could influence the way we think.

Pluto in Capricorn is currently almost stationary, as it is finishing up its retrograde that started on April 20. It will begin to move forward again on September 28. During the weeks leading up to and following this date (the 28th), Plutonian themes may be surfacing more strongly.

It could be related to power, transformation, death and rebirth, control, hidden matters, secrets, sex, or even money and business. For some people this can be an empowering time, especially for those born in the early 1980s (primarily 1981-1982) or the mid-1960s and mid-late 1950s.

Some of the themes and developments that have occurred between September 17th-19th could be related to what the previous Solar Eclipse in Leo indicated for your personal evolution now and over the coming months. Venus in Leo was at the same spot of the eclipse, triggering it with themes of love, fun, friendships, creativity, and values, along with money in some cases.



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Full Moon In Pisces: Finding Serenity

There will be a Full Moon in Pisces on September 6th but appearing at its fullest as it builds up on the night of September 5th. This is the peak of the lunar cycle that was initiated by a powerful New Moon Solar Eclipse in Leo (August 21st), and it’s occurring less than a day after Mercury went stationary direct following a three-week retrograde period.

This has been a time of changes, insights, adjustments, and setting ourselves up for new beginnings that will develop over the coming weeks and months. This first week of September, in which the Full Moon is occurring, is especially insightful and developmental when it comes to how we are to proceed forward. However, although we may have some increased clarity and forward momentum, there will still be some confusion around details until we start the next Moon cycle on September 20th.

Overall, there has been a major emphasis on the Leo and Virgo energies, as things transition more towards Virgo now. Mars joined the Sun in Virgo a day before this Full Moon and Mercury will return to this sign on September 9th/10th. Overall, this is a time for getting things done and taking action. For some people, this could also be about making your life more efficient, organized, and productive, as well as cleaner, purer, and healthier.

Our Virgoan efforts may possibly be connected to the changes that are occurring as a result of both recent eclipses and Mercury retrograde. Due to the recent Total Solar Eclipse, there is a push toward expressing the Leo energies in new ways, which will occur in whatever area of your life it is activating based on your personal astrological blueprint.

This could have to do with how we express our creativity, authenticity, leadership, love, heart-centeredness, or playfulness, or could even be related to children. Uranus is also strongly influencing this period while in a tight trine with stationary Mercury, as it was during the recent solar eclipse as well. This energy can bring surprises, excitement, breakthroughs, innovation, freedom, or some sort of newer authentic expression.


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Mercury Retrograde In Final Stretch – Sept 1st to 8th Forecast

SEPT 1ST – 3RD Mercury retrograde has returned to Leo (yesterday) and is approaching a conjunction with Mars while both are in a trine with Uranus. We may take action or consider doing something original or that brings us a feeling of excitement or freedom. We may feel a boost of inspiration or creativity, and be bold and courageous in our actions and desires. For some people it can even bring some sort of romantic excitement and new experience. Our minds and communications can be very active at this time and our thinking may extraordinarily quick and creative. There may be positive surprises as well.

SEPT 4TH – 8TH Some of these themes mentioned above will still be present as Mercury will still be in a trine with Uranus, but without Mars. Surprises, insights, realizations, breakthroughs, excitement, and creative innovation can still play out, however with less of the assertive and active energy that Mars brought in the days prior. Mercury ends its retrograde on September 5th, so from this day onward we will begin to have more clarity on how to proceed forward based on what has transpired in the weeks and days leading up to this point.

The themes of the recent Solar Eclipse and what it means for you will likely come up this week as Mercury and Mars are triggering the exact same spot of zodiac where it occurred. Whatever developments, changes, or ways of expressing yourself that unfold at this time, will probably be significant in some way for what you are creating in your life over the next 6 months.

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