New Moon In Taurus: A Shift In Our Values And Self-Worth

We are having a New Moon in Taurus on April 26th at 12:16pm Universal Time. New Moons are the beginning of a new wave of energy that lasts until the next one occurs 29 days later. However, the astrological configurations at this time mostly have a stronger influence over the following two weeks.
Mercury has been retrograde since April 9th/10th and will be finishing up during this window. It will slowly begin to change motion from moving backward to forward on May 3rd/4th, though it will appear stationary. From this point on it will pick up speed, and many of the lessons, insights, and changes that occurred over the previous three weeks will start to make more sense and things will start to fall into place and flow better. Some of the common Mercury retrograde complications can still occur during the following days after this shift in direction, but will minimize and then disappear as its speed increases.

Venus finished its retrograde on April 15th; however, it is still moving slowly, as some of the themes, both developments and challenges, around our relationships, money, values, worth, and beauty/creativity will continue to sort themselves out. Since Mercury is partially retrograde in the Venus-ruled sign of Taurus, it is giving some of the same themes an extended run. A few days after this New Moon, on April 28th, Venus returns into Aries at the starting point of the zodiac, which can possibly mark new beginnings for some and also more assertiveness toward the Venus-ruled areas mentioned above.

Taurus is an Earth sign of a ‘fixed’ quality. Therefore, it is like a rock: solid, strong, and grounded to the Earth. It is practical, dependable, determined, and it is associated with Venus-ruled areas such as values, beauty, money, and self-worth. The sign of Taurus is more invested in the physical/material world, as food, nature, and anything to do with stimulating the senses…


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Full Moon In Libra: An Evolution In Our Reltionships

We are having a Full Moon in Libra on April 11th/12th, depending on your location. This is the peak of the Moon cycle, where the Sun and Moon are in two opposing signs — in this case Aries and Libra.

The effects of the Full Moon could begin to manifest in the days leading up to it, but the Full Moon itself influences what occurs during the following two weeks until the next New Moon. This is generally the most lively time of the month, and when emotions are the most stirred up. During this time, there may be some challenges between the opposing energies, but there will also be opportunity for integration.

Any experiences around Full Moons are generally less significant than the type of changes that could occur during eclipses; however, this one has a few interesting things to consider. Venus, Libra’s ruler, has been retrograde since the beginning of March and will be until April 15th. Mercury began its retrograde fewer than two days before this Full Moon, and Saturn also just started its retrograde five days prior.

Venus’ retrograde in Aries and Pisces has helped to facilitate some reflections, reconsiderations, and changes in our relationships/friendships, values, money, pleasures, creativity, and anything related to beauty and appearance. It may have brought up (or will bring up) some challenges or wounds and also potential healing in these areas. Mercury’s retrograde in Taurus and Aries has overlapping themes with Venus facilitating adjustments around values, money, creativity, but also is about being more practical and aligned with our personal interests.


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Mercury Is Retrograde Again…This Time In Taurus and Aries

Mercury is once again going retrograde starting off in Taurus and ending in Aries. This is when it appears to be going backwards from our geocentric (Earth-based) perspective. It officially begins on April 9th/10th and lasts until May 3rd/4th. Some of its well-known disruptive effects may have already started to be noticeable for you in the days leading up to its start, and in some cases even a few weeks before.

Mercury rules over communication and transmitting information or data as well as the mind and its ability to analyze and discern. Commuting, reading/writing, mechanical/moving parts, the internet and anything else related to communication technology such as phones/computers are all under the rulership of this planet.

When Mercury is normally moving forward, these functions and applications usually go more smoothly. However, during retrograde time we tend to experience some noticeable complications in those areas mentioned above. In many cases, we experience some delays, changes, and/or cancellations as a result. If you are doing your taxes this month, it would be good to be extra careful about making any mistakes with your numbers.

Some of the challenges we might face during Mercury retrograde actually give us an opportunity to see things in a different light. For example, if your plans change, you may decide to do something else and in that process you may have some sort of realization. Perhaps you bump into an old friend and have an insightful conversation, or you pick up an old book you were reading before and have an ‘Ah Ha’ moment. These are just some examples but it can manifest in a lot of different ways.

It is important to be flexible during this time and be open to what the universe is showing you. Traditionally, Mercury retrograde has been viewed as a transformational period. While in most cases it is about small adjustments that we need to make, in fewer cases it can help to facilitate more significant changes and even be profound.

Any new initiatives or projects that we have started in the weeks leading before the retrograde will go through a sorting out and reflective period, which will either help us to adapt, make changes, or drop it altogether. During the retrograde itself, it is a good time to revisit anything unfinished that you initiated beforehand and if you are starting something new it usually brings some sort of learning experience with it (whether or not it lasts). This period can also be great for reconnecting with friends and others from your past.


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New Moon In Aries: Spring Into Action

We are having a New Moon in Aries on March 27th-28th, depending on where you are located in the world. The first sign of the zodiac, Aries always initiates a new season at the Equinox. Therefore, this New Moon is what really kickstarts the astrological New Year each year, and the initiating energy of Aries.

Aries is the pioneering energy of the zodiac. It is forward moving, fast, direct, and likes to take the lead. As the first sign of the zodiac, it is also associated with ‘birth’ following the dreamy and spiritual sign of Pisces. At this time of year we generally start to feel more alive and willing to take action and/or possibly explore new territory.

One thing that we need to be cautious of regarding Aries energy is being impulsive without considering consequences or others, or missing important details because we haven’t thought things through. This is something to consider with Mercury retrograde coming up, as all of this combined is a recipe for overlooking things. However, Aries’ ruler, Mars, being in Taurus can help us to be more thorough about physical actions.

Considering that Aries is an active sign, and that its ruler Mars is in the physically-oriented Taurus (with Venus also retrograde), this can be a good time for many people to consider exercising more if they feel that they want to improve their appearance. Also, as Aries is more oriented toward self-interests, those who have been overly caught up in relationship considerations or codependencies may feel like this is a time to apply yourself more independently in certain areas of your life to bring in more balance. This is also supported by Venus and Mercury in the same sign currently in retrograde windows with Mercury opposing Jupiter in Libra.


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This Is What Venus Retrograde Could Mean For Your Sign

Venus has been retrograde since March 4th and it will last until April 15th. This is a time of reflecting on and revisiting matters of love, beauty, pleasures, creativity, money, values, and friendships. The themes started playing out around January 30th and will last until May when we will have more clarity on how to proceed forward.

I previously wrote an article about it, which you can read here if you haven’t already. It will play out differently for everybody depending on how it is affecting your astrology chart (based on exact birth time) and also your Sun sign. Therefore, keep in mind that these Sun sign interpretations are based on only part of how Venus is affecting you at this time. If you know what your rising sign is, you can look at that one as well.


This is a time to reflect on how your values, self-worth, money, and relationships shape your identity. You may even be considering changing something about your appearance, just be careful that it is not something you may regret. If unsure, you may want to wait until the last week of April to make those changes.

Aries is an independent sign, and this could be a time in which you ultimately learn to value this aspect of yourself even more so. This could be a result of some changes and/or challenges with your current…


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Full Moon In Virgo: Seeking Solutions For Our Limitations, Wounds, & Blockages

We are having a Full Moon in Virgo on March 12th, however, for those in the Western part of the world it will appear the fullest on the night of March 11th. Full Moons are the peak of the Moon cycle when both the Sun and Moon are in opposite signs, with this case being Virgo and Pisces.

The opposition between the two signs can bring up situations in which we need to learn to work with both sides of the polarity, and in many situations it can be in a challenging or emotionally charged way. In this case, however, the South Node is in Pisces (where we also had the last solar eclipse) and the North Node is in Virgo, which started in November 2015 and will finish in May.

The month of Pisces (Feb 19 – Mar 20) is generally one of the more magical periods of the year, and a good time to explore and participate in anything that involves spirituality, creativity, and healing. However, because the South Node is in Pisces, and we had the recent eclipse there, we are also being called to release any negative qualities of Pisces we may have. This energy is still playing out over the coming months. (You can read more about it here.)

During this Full Moon, we are being reminded of the evolutionary push we need to make towards the Virgo energies that we are lacking, which the Universe is calling on us to embrace. Virgo is about being grounded, realistic, attentive, organized, clean, pure, and productive. Taking care of our physical bodies and living a functional life is important when we are dealing with the Virgo sector of the zodiac. In situations like this, sometimes challenges come up that push us to be able to adapt to life’s challenges in a better and more efficient way.


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Venus Retrograde In Aries and Pisces: A Time To Reflect On Our Relationships and Values

Venus is retrograde from March 4th until April 15th. It has been building up since January 30th, when Venus entered what is called the “pre-shadow” period. When a planet goes retrograde, our perspective here on Earth makes it appear to be going backwards in the sky.

Unlike Mercury Retrograde, Venus Retrogrades occur less frequently, every 19 months, but they last about twice as long. Although both retrogrades have some similarities in regards to how they might affect your social life, Venus still presents a much different vibe.

Retrogrades are a time to revisit, reflect on, and make adjustments to things represented by that planet. Venus rules over love, intimate relationships, friendships, values, money, beauty, and overall attractability. It is associated with our passions, creativity, pleasures, and tastes.

We had a Solar Eclipse in Pisces and a Lunar Eclipse in Leo in the weeks leading up to this Venus retrograde, which will also have a strong influence over the coming months. The Leo eclipse reinforces the potential shifts with the Venus themes of passion, creativity, and love. For some people, the Solar Eclipse in Pisces combined Venus could represent the need to move beyond an unrealistic outlook on relationships.

Any new developments or perspectives around relationships that have occurred since January 30th may…


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Solar Eclipse In Pisces: Letting Go Of What Is Holding Us Back

We are having a Solar Eclipse in Pisces on February 26th, 2017 at 2:58pmUniversal Time. While it will only be visible in parts of South America and Africa, as with every eclipse, the astrological significance will still affect the whole planet.

This is an annular eclipse, which is when the Sun is almost completely blocked from the Moon except for the outer edges. This is because the Moon is near its apogee, which is its furthest distance from the Earth. This type of eclipse is also referred to as a ‘ring of fire,’ thanks to its unique appearance.

We also had a Lunar Eclipse in Leo a few weeks ago. Eclipse season, which occurs every six months, is a significant period of transitions that can start up to six weeks before eclipses begin and play out over the following months. However, this eclipse window is particularly transitional because we are shifting away from two years of Virgo-Pisces eclipses and into Leo-Aquarius ones.

Venus is slowing down to go retrograde on March 4th. Any changes or developments we have had since January 30th regarding love, relationships, pleasure, money, value(s), beauty/aesthetics, or art, will face a reflective and/or a reconsideration/adjusting phase over the next six to eight weeks.

Solar Eclipse in Pisces Conjunct Neptune

We have had a series of eclipses in Pisces since March 2015, but this will be the final one. These have all been South Node eclipses, which shake up certain negative aspects of ourselves that are no longer serving us, depending on the sign they’re in and where it is in your personal birth chart. The Eclipse is aligned with Neptune, which is a modern ruler (or sub-ruler) of Pisces; therefore it amplifies the Piscean themes mentioned below.

We need to look at the negative traits of Pisces and Neptune energy and identify what areas of our lives they are playing out in and what needs to change. It could be related to delusional behaviour or outlook, deception, escapism, carelessness, or avoiding our duties or physical health. This could also shake things up if we tend to self-sabotage, self-sacrifice, and/or if we have problems with drugs and alcohol.

For some people, there may be a direct connection between this eclipse and how the upcoming Venus retrograde will make changes in how they approach love relationships. For example…


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Lunar Eclipse In Leo: Tapping Into Your Greatness

There will be a Lunar Eclipse in Leo on February 10th/11th (depending on where you are located). It will be visible throughout most of the world except for Australia, New Zealand, and small parts of Asia and Alaska. Its peak will be at 12:33am Universal time, you can click here to find out what that is for your timezone.

This is a penumbral Lunar Eclipse, which is when the outer part of the Earth’s shadow dims the light of the Moon. Some penumbral eclipses are barely noticeable, but this one will be more visible than most.

Every six months we enter eclipse season, where we have Solar and Lunar eclipses back-to-back. The next Solar eclipse will be occurring on February 28th in Pisces. Eclipses represent significant changes in our lives which could start up to six weeks before and play out over the following three to six months. In most cases there are noticeable shifts occurring during the month of the eclipses, but not in all cases.

What has come up for you in the last month? Any new beginnings and endings are likely connected to how these eclipses are interacting with your natal chart and will play a role in how these upcoming months work out for you. Collectively we have also just entered a new nine year cycle in numerology and therefore the ‘new beginning’ themes may be stronger than in some of the previous eclipses.


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New Moon In Aquarius: Considerations Around Our Relationships

aqu-nm-2017-coverWe are having a New Moon in Aquarius on January 27th/28th, depending on where you are located in the world. It will also be the Chinese New Year, initiating the year of the Fire Rooster, which always occurs during the 2nd New Moon following the December Solstice.

The Chinese associate the year of the Fire Rooster with intensity and drama, but it can also assist us productively with more focus, drive, optimism, and confidence. It is also a very opinionated and demanding energy. All of these themes make a lot of sense considering the approach that the new U.S. President Donald Trump is taking and the strong mixed and divisive feelings that the collective has toward him and his actions.

We have just finished the post-shadow period of the last Mercury Retrograde, so we should now have a more defined perspective on how we shall proceed regarding adjustments in our goals, plans, responsibilities, ambitions, and/or careers. Now Venus is also just about to start its pre-shadow period on January 30th before going retrograde on March 4th.

With Venus going into its pre-shadow on January 30th/31st, there may be some new developments, changes, or reconsiderations unfolding regarding relationships, money, values, pleasures, indulgences, femininity, beauty, lust, and creativity. These Venus themes will go through a ‘figuring out’ process during the retrograde starting March 4th until the post-shadow from mid-April to mid-May. The retrograde portion of this upcoming period will consist of some inward reflection on these Venus themes.

Whenever we experience a New Moon, we have the opportunity to work with the energies of that sign in new ways. Aquarius is about the collective, groups, friends, associates, and our online social network. It is about making innovative progress toward a better future with advances in knowledge and technology, and in humanitarian ways from an intellectual perspective. Aquarian energy is emotionally detached, which is great for being unbiased, but not for having an empathic understanding.

Venus is in a hard square aspect with Saturn during this New Moon, which will occur again during its retrograde on…

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