Total Lunar Eclipse In Leo: Nurturing Our Heart’s Desires

We are having a Total Lunar Eclipse SuperMoon in Leo on January 31st. This is also a ‘Blue Moon’ as it will be the second Full Moon of the calendar month of January. The influences of eclipses can start in the month prior and can play out over the following 6 months. They reflect changes and shifts and can be seen as starting and ending a chapter in our lives, with some eclipse periods reflecting that much more profoundly than others.

Eclipses in the Leo-Aquarius polarity began last year, including the memorable Great American Eclipse in August. The North Node, which is in Leo, points towards an energy in which we need to learn to express in new ways. Leo is about tapping into what brings us joy, being in our heart and leading from the heart, our creative self expression, and tapping into what makes us great and unique. This sign is also associated with children, hobbies, romance, sports, performing arts, and what we do for fun. It is possible that for some people, some of things that started in the summer related to these energies may be culminating at this time.

This eclipse is aligned with Ceres which is a minor planet that orbits within the asteroid belt. It brings its themes into this current eclipse period and over the coming months. Ceres is a feminine and motherly energy associated with the way we nurture ourselves and others. It is also connected to our inner needs, self-care, and doing what is good for us and our loved ones which sometimes could involve some sort of sacrifice. Ceres also rules over food, nutrition, and fertility. This period is about nurturing our heart’s desires, taking care of ourselves, and following what brings us joy.


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