New Moon In Capricorn: Developing Mastery

We are having a New Moon in Capricorn with this specific lunar cycle leading up to a Lunar Eclipse in Leo on January 31st. This is important to consider because eclipses can bring changes and shifts which can also play out over the following months, and this will be part of the backdrop of the current astrology at this time.

The Sun, Moon, and 4 other planets are all in Capricorn at the same time, including its ruler Saturn. This sign is about structure, ambitions, goals, career, responsibilities, and hard work. It is cautious, conservative, practical, grounded, reliable, and pragmatic. This is a period to consider our long term goals and building towards them, like the mountain goat that is slowly but surely working its way to the top.

This New Moon is separating from a square with Uranus in which its influence was strongest in the days leading up to it, but can still impact the coming weeks. It really emphasizes the ‘wild card’ energy and shifts that eclipses can bring including surprises, disruptions, separations, rebellion, and even losses. It can also help us to awaken, release, or push us to take a new approach to something. With Venus also close by, some people have (or will) experience this in their relationships, friendships, love life, as well as anything to do with money, pleasures, aesthetics, values, or value of something.

Mars in Scorpio is in a trine with Chiron which is also in aspect with this New Moon. This is a great energy for tapping into our gifts, taking a holistic approach, as well as addressing wounds and taking actions towards any required healing we may need. Jupiter in Scorpio currently in a sextile to Pluto in Capricorn can be transformational and empowering. Things that were beneath the surface or in which we were unconscious about may even be revealed at this time. This can also be good for studying deep subjects or gaining a deeper understanding of something.



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