Super Moon In Cancer: Pursuing Dreams

We are starting off 2018 with a Super Moon In Cancer peaking which will also be the first of two Full Moons in the calendar month of January, making the next one a ‘Blue Moon’ which will also be a Lunar Eclipse. Usually Full Moons are a period in which there can be challenges between  the opposing signs that the Sun and Moon are occupying, however, this particular Full Moon is more harmonious than most.⠀

We have been in Capricorn season since the December 21st, this is the sign of ambitions, achievement, determination, responsibility, social status, practicality, and resourcefulness. The Moon is at home in Cancer which is the sign of emotional comforts, needs and security.  It is about bonding, nurturing, sensitivity, and feeling safe. It is associated with the home, family, and overall domestic life. During this Full Moon and in the week following, these opposing signs may be challenged with each other yet they can also work together and collaborate somehow, or it could be about finding balance between the two.

This Full Moon is in a ‘Grand Trine Kite’ pattern primarily in water signs which includes Neptune, Mars, Jupiter, Venus, and Pluto. Neptune brings a flowy energy in which creativity and spirituality can flourish. We can feel more connected to others and our intuitions, dreams, and feelings can be heightened. Mars in a conjunction with Jupiter in Scorpio can be about asserting ourselves in a way that is expansive and could have to do with learning, travel, or anything to do with applying ourselves in a optimistic or big way. The Sun in Capricorn aligned with Venus and Pluto can bring some sort of empowerment, transformation, or even depth and focus to Venus ruled areas of relationships, money, beauty, and values.⠀


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