New Moon In Sagittarius: Finding Your Truth

We are having a New Moon In Sagittarius while Mercury retrograde is finishing up in the same sign over the next five days. These last few weeks have been a period of revising, revisiting, and re-calibrating. After December 22nd, there will be increased momentum forward with our revised perspectives and approaches. ⠀

Much of this can be related to our beliefs, philosophies, aspirations, travel, education, teaching, and the way we accumulate wisdom and experience. Both this New Moon and the beginning of Mercury’s retrograde have a conjunction with Saturn which could be about needing to be more realistic, disciplined, focused, cautious, conservative, and structured in how we express Sagittarian energies mentioned. ⠀

For some people, Saturn involved could also mean reworking Sagittarius aspects in career which can be related to marketing, publishing, sales, or any of the other areas already mentioned.Another way this can manifest is that some people may have to take a serious look and consideration around what is their truth. If we have been dancing with different ‘truths’ or if we haven’t been living up to our truth, this can be a period in which re-align ourselves with where we truly stand. ⠀


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