Neptune Is Now Stationary Direct

Neptune is now slowly beginning to move forward (stationary direct) after being retrograde since June. The outer planets such as Neptune are retrograde for 40% of the year and there effects are less prominent than the retrogrades of Mercury, Venus, and Mars. However the period when the ‘outer planets’ change motion is when we notices its effects the most. As it has now begun to change motion, the themes that are coming up now and in previous/upcoming weeks will be connected to Neptunian issues that started or was revisited in June.

We now have the potential to move forward with some sort of progress with this energy. For example, it may have to do with areas in our life that we have not seen clearly and could have been confused about. Or perhaps we can be proceeding with some sort spiritual practice/developments, creative efforts, or applying ourselves with more compassion and sense of oneness. Neptune also rules dreams, fantasies, imagination, psychic abilities, soul mates, as well as escapism, addictions, drugs/alcohol, illusions, delusions, and flakiness. These are all areas in which we may be experiencing a shift as well.

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