New Moon In Libra: Changes In Relationships

We are concluding the Sun’s journey in Libra with a New Moon in that sign opposingUranus, triggering some of the same themes of previous months as mentioned in those newsletters. New Moon’s signify a ‘new wave’ of energy influencing the upcoming lunar month, and Uranus can be disruptive, rebellious, separating, surprising, freedom seeking, revolutionary, or game-changing to Libran themes of relating, diplomacy, relationships, partnerships, balance, and fairness.

This New Moon is aligned with Jupiter which has recently entered Scorpio (for 13 months) along with Mercury (for 3 weeks), which is where the Sun will also be in 3.5 days following this New Moon highlighting the Scorpio themes more strongly over this upcoming month. While Libra is associated with relating and relationships, Scorpio represents the deeper aspects of these things, such as deep bonding, sex, and shared values/resources, along with deep desires, fears, intensity, investments, taxes, debts, secrets, hidden matters, suspicions, and mysteries. Negative Scorpio traits include jealousy, possessiveness, power, and control. It is raw, primal, powerful, complex, and can even be profound and transformative.

Jupiter is expansive as it is about learning and growing. This can be a great time to apply this towards the Scorpionic themes mentioned above. It can be related to developing a deeper understanding of certain subjects and how things work, which can be done in a way that is penetrating and even obsessive. Venus has recently entered Libra and Mars will be joining as well on October 22nd, keeping its themes alive for a while combined with all the Scorpio vibes. While Mars likes to be direct and assertive, Libra can be indecisive and likes to take things into consideration before acting so that it can make both sides happy. Throughout this period, we may find that our actions require more deliberation, which can be more challenging for highly assertive people.


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