Jupiter Square Pluto Is Concluding

Jupiter has been in and out of a square with Pluto since November. It was strong in early spring and is concluding now. The final exact aspect between them is happening today, but has been building up over the last week and will still influence the next few weeks.⠀

Jupiter is the planet of our beliefs, truth, ideals, overdoing, overindulging, opinions, expansion, and freedom. In a square with Pluto, this could bring about obsessions, tensions, fears, manipulation, forcefulness, jealousy, or issues around resources and power in relation to those things. Pluto can even bring up the deeper and darker aspects of ‘truth’ as well. An example of some of this energy playing out is the ‘pizzagate’ story and the controversy around accusations of ‘fake news’ towards both mainstream and alternative media.⠀

In our personal lives, the potential negative manifestations were more likely to occur late last year and earlier this year, yet they can still play out during this time. However, now that it has been concluding there is more potential for resolutions and/or moving beyond those types of challenges that have come up.⠀

It is possible that what has been occurring in your life could be related to some of the themes or beliefs initiated between Fall 2007 and early 2008. However, Its energies this time around could more resemble what was happening from May 2010 until early 2011, especially that summer. Also, the first 4-5 months of 2014 could also be connected to it as well.⠀

Jupiter has been in Libra since last September until this October, a time of expansiveness in social connections, relationships, and anything to do with achieving fairness, equality, and balance. It is possible that these themes could potentially be connected to some of the potential manifestations mentioned above.⠀

This energy can also drive us to feel like we can accomplish more, however in that process we may have to deal with some changes that could come up in the coming weeks considering we are entering eclipse season and Mercury will be retrograde soon.⠀

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