Uranus Is Stationary, Going Retrograde

Uranus in Aries starts its retrograde tomorrow but has been slowing down over the last month. As one of the ‘outer’ planets, whenever it goes retrograde it lasts for almost half a year, in this case until January 2nd. Therefore, its retrograde isn’t as significantly noticeable as the closer ‘personal’ planets such as Mercury, Venus, and Mars.

The transitional period in which it changes motion from direct to retrograde is when we may notice its energies the most and any potential disruptive effects. In this case this could of started in the previous weeks and into the upcoming weeks as it appears almost still in the sky which is referred to as a ‘stationary’ period.

During this period we may be experiencing circumstances and reflecting on Uranus-related energies. Uranus is the planet of freedom, innovation, independence, awakening, ingenuity, individuality, and rebellion. It is forward thinking, progressive, inventive, and rules technology, science, and even astrology. It is electric and associated with flashes of intuition which could bring great ideas and some sort of enlightened awareness around something. While it is in retrograde motion, the intuitive, insightful, and inventive side of Uranus tends to be stronger.

Uranus is also going to be playing a bigger role over the coming months because of its connection to the powerful Solar Eclipse on August 21st in Leo and to the upcoming Mercury retrograde. Considering all of this, it is a time for many of us to step more into our authentic and original selves and tap into what makes us unique and shine. Many of us will receive new ideas and insights to help facilitate this process.

There is a lot going on over the next month and a half as we will experience changes and shifts which is ultimately the beginning of another chapter in each of our evolutionary journeys.

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