New Moon In Leo: Taking Creative Action

This New Moon occurs less then a day after the Sun entered Leo and therefore it is right on the cusp. As a result, we will also be having the next New Moon in the same sign which is the solar eclipse. This doesn’t happen too often and it really emphasizes the Leo push we are experiencing that is part of the upcoming Solar Eclipse.

Leo is about being the star of our own life through individual self-expression. It is the creator, the performer, and the leader. Our inner Leo is best expressed when our greatness is coming from a heart-centred place. This sign is also associated with generosity, love/romance, playfulness, children, and courage. Leo energies expressed negatively can be egotistical, dramatic, childish, and demanding of attention.

Mars is also in Leo aligned with this New Moon giving this month a theme of action and assertion, which could manifest in some of the ‘Leo ways’ mentioned above. This is strongest for the first week following this New Moon. With Leo being a fire sign, this really brings out the energetic and outward expression of Mars. This energy gives us an extra boost for applying our creative energy or applying ourselves towards anything in which we wish to receive attention for.


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