Neptune Retrograde: Recalibrating The Way You Do Neptune

Neptune started changing motion today as it will be retrograde until November 22nd. This is one of the harder retrogrades to define, because Neptune sort of has retrograde properties regardless of what direction it is moving. When the ‘outer’ planets are retrograde, such as Jupiter, Saturn, and especially Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, they’re effects don’t have the same ‘in your face’ noticeable significance as when Mercury, Venus, and Mars are retrograde. The outer planets are retrograde roughly 40% of the time.

Nonetheless, the effects and significance of this retrograde is more noticeable as it is changing motion, starting within the last 3 weeks and into the next 3 weeks coming up. During this window you may feel like reflecting on and/or revisiting things associated with this planet.

Neptune rules over dreams, psychic receptivity, imagination, inspired creativity, compassion, and divinity. It is our connection to subtle energy and the spiritual realms. It is magical and etheric. As the higher octave of Venus, it could even represent soul mates. Neptune also has dominion over visual arts such as film and photography, but can also represent dance, music, and poetry.

Negatively expressed, it is associated with illusions, delusions, and deceptions. It could be fantasizing about a relationship and not seeing things for what they really are around our love interests. It can make us unrealistic, confused, and ungrounded. It also rules avoidance, escapism, addictions, drugs, and alcohol.

This is a time to reflect on how you are working with Neptune energy and/or perhaps revisit a Neptunian aspect of yourself that wants to express itself again. If you have been expressing the negative energies of this planet, then this is an opportunity to reconsider and shift that. If you have disconnected from a positive quality of Neptune, then this an opportunity to reconnect with that. This is a time to reconfigure the way you do Neptune, but this will happen in a way that is more subtle and gradual in comparison to the effects of other types of retrogrades.

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