Full Moon In Scorpio: Acting On Our Passions And Desires

We are having a Full Moon in Scorpio on May 10th or 11th, depending on your location. Full Moons are the climax of the Moon cycle, and its energies become noticeable in the days leading up to it and also strongly influence how the proceeding two weeks, until the next New Moon, play out.

Mercury finished its retrograde on May 3rd/4th and we are now moving forward based on realizations and developments that have transpired over the previous month. Venus will be finishing up its post-retrograde phase on May 18th. For some people this upcoming week (until the 18th) will play host to any remaining Venus-themed conclusions that need to occur in relation to what has been playing out since February. This could be connected to our relationships, love, money, values, beauty, and worth.

Full Moon in Scorpio Opposing Sun in Taurus, in Harmonious Aspect With Pluto

As the Sun has been travelling through Taurus over the past 20 days, it will be opposed by the Moon in Scorpio during this Full Moon. During this period we can expect a challenging pull and/or dynamic integration of these two energies.

Taurus is practical, thorough, and direct. Being ruled by Venus, it is about beauty, sensual pleasures, food, personal values, self-worth, and money/possessions. Taurus can also be lazy, slow, greedy, and overindulging, however.

Scorpio is complex, deep, real, and raw. Being traditionally ruled by Mars, it is assertive, intense, sexual, and passionate. Scorpio is more concerned about merging with another, whether sexually, resourcefully, or collaboratively. Being sub-ruled by Pluto, it is a powerful energy associated with transformation and purging. In the negative, Scorpio energy can be controlling, manipulative, overly suspicious, and jealous.

This Full Moon is separating from a harmonious sextile aspect with Pluto. This can help us to tap into our power better, whether it is individually, in a relationship, or in a group effort. It can help mend any challenging oppositional energy between Taurus-Scorpio and can assist us in…



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